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Was Commodore ever fearful of Radio Shack?
Was Commodore ever fearful of Radio Shack? They had 11 million customers that might buy a computer (Wikipedia). Their TRS-80 did sell well (over 10,000 in the first month) and I was concerned that they could take over because they had stores (within driving distance of 90% of the population), they had instant support, they had hardware, they had confident salesmen, advertising, and they had a catalog. How concerned was Commodore?
Good question...

Good question... all I can say is that I recently noticed Radio Shack is closed here... don't know if it is nation-wide or just the local branch. Real shame, because it is one of the few places (besides the Internet) that I can get my hands on electronic components (resistors, transistors, etc.)
In retrospect, it is amazing how well CBM faired against RS... I guess all the major shopping centers (like Sears, K-Mart, etc.) was a much bigger venue for CBM ?

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I have no idea what their
I have no idea what their corporate thoughts were, but the PC's that radio shack was selling when the 64 in particular was released were not remotely on par and very expensive. The TRS 80 I believe came out in the late 70s and got a little bit of a following and some in roads in education as well, but by the time the 64 was out, it was beyond outclassed. They did eventually make their COCO line, which was better, but still nowhere compatible.. in fact, while only anecdotal the only COCO computer I ever saw "in the wild" back in the day was by a guy who was using it to bascially teletype/BBS over shortwave. Never knew anyone else who had one.
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