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WarpCopy06 issue

I've come to a dead end when working with WarpCopy06 recently and wondered if anyone could help shed some light on my problem. I have a standard breadbin 64 and a 128 that refuse to connect when using warpcopy. I have a 64NIC+ cart connected to my ethernet and when I try to launch the program on my laptop it refuses to connect. It gives me the message "unable to connect to (and then the ip which I forget off the top of my head)" I have the ip addresses the same on both the Commodore end and my laptop. I have tried both with the 1541 as the only thing connected and the drive connected along with the rest of my serial devices. All the switches on the cart are set correctly and still no go. Google has not been much help either, the one solution I found does not work for me. Any ideas would be great as I have no idea what to try next. Thanks in advance :)