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Vulcan-74: A 6502 Retro MegaProject
That is insane! Very cool!

That is insane! Very cool!

Hey thanks!

Hey thanks! I am getting back into the project now. With only the odd day a month to work on it, progress has been a bit slow lately. Still plan on powering the beast with nothing but a 6502.

Here is the Video Section completed. The other half of the board will be for the Sound System...

I am doing this as a ROMless system for speed. The 6502 gets its own 512K 10ns SRAM (8 banks)....

The "Cartridge" is going to be a 4mb external SPI Flash memory. This will be loaded by the Vulcan Logic into the various SRAMs.

So far every part on this entire board is common available 74HC logic with the exception of the 6502 and SRAMs.

Although cost would have been astronomical in the 80's due to the RAM, this powerhouse could have been possible.

Here are some demo videos showing what can be achived with 800 square inches of breadboard and a lot of wires!...



Radical Brad

6502 Meets FPGA

Still keeping this project alive!

Today I shrunk it from an entire bench top down to one square inch...


Too bad this kind of "chipset" wasn't available for the C64!
It's fun to see a 6502 run circles around an Amiga.

40 years old and still kickin' it!
... not me, the 6502 (am am even older).

Radical Brad

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