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Viva Amiga - Commodore Stories: The Bil Herd Story

In January, 2017, the film, Viva Amiga: The Story of a Beautiful Machine, was released on iTunes and various other streaming services ( see https://amigafilm.com/watch-viva-amiga/ ) . Early versions of this film had CBM engineer Bil Herd making comments. In the final cut of the film, he was edited out entirely.

Now Bil is back! For Kickstarter backers of the film, they can now see 90 minutes of Bil in "Viva Amiga - Commodore Stories: The Bil Herd Story". As the description says, " It's about 90 minutes of Commodore glory and history. LOADED with stories and wacky stuff. Bil at his best!" Ah, those Kickstarter backers are lucky! :)

Robert Bernardo
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