VCF East 8.0: Build a Vector Graphics Kit w/ Dan Roganti
VCF East 8.0: Build a Vector Graphics Kit w/ Dan Roganti
  • Mon, 2012-04-09 23:32

Build a Vector Graphics Kit!

FROM THE VCF EAST 8.0 Website at

Reduced price!!

Important -- This workshop is a separate $89 admission and is limited to the first 10 people. Admission includes all parts needed to build the kit, along with personal instruction. To register, please send PayPal to Note: There may be a limited amount of extra kits available for sale at the show, but not extra workshop spaces.

In this workshop you'll build a box that lets your vintage computer display vector graphics on a vector monitor or oscilloscope. The design will have a vintage look and feel by using common parts, DIP-style chips, and very little memory! The kit will include all of the parts to build this including a PCB and enclosure. It will have options to connect via a parallel port or serial port, which most vintage computers can support. It will be flexible enough to let most systems communicate with this type of display controller. The output will have connector options for using an Atari vector monitor or an oscilloscope. The design will be open source and a webpage will be available to share information. Parts include a 6502-based controller with 32KB Eprom, 32KB RAM, and a pair of 10-bit digital-to-analog converters providing a resolution of 1024x1024 points. It will include on-board firmware to let it operate standalone and also contain grahics primitives to let you draw any type of shape and perform image transformations such as move, rotate, etc. Additional on-board RAM is available for storing predefined images which you can download from your host system.

A video demonstration will be posted on the VCF East 8.0 Website soon.

The workshop will also have a drawing for the attendees to get a chance to win an 19" vector monitor, the same type used in the Atari Asteroids arcade game.



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