VCF 8.0 History of Commodore Part 2 with Bil Herd
VCF East 8.0 - History of Commodore Part 2

From the Vintage Computer Festival East 8.0 , Bil Herd talks about working for Commodore from just before the departure of Jack Tramiel to the coming of Amiga.



May 5th 10:15 AM  The History of Commodore, Part 2

Bil Herd, a Commodore engineer who designed the C-128, Plus 4, and others, will tell his tales from the heydey of Commodore. He'll pick up from where Commodore founder Chuck Peddle left off in our 2007 event, and he'll end with the Amiga generation. (Peddle's talk is in four parts on YouTube, starting 16 minutes into part one here.)

May 5th 11:30 AM   Introduction to Commodore 8-Bit Maintenance
Bil Herd & Rob Clarke

Commodore's most popular 8-bit microcomputers -- the PET, VIC-20, C-64, and C-128 -- are still among the collected by hobbyists today. Learn all about the fundamentals of keeping them running. This is an exclusive opportunity to learn your Commodore repair skills from Bil Herd, who designed many of the company's 8-bit systems!


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