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Users Can post their own content, pictures and stories.

I think I have "user blogging" working and am looking for some people to try posting their content, stories and images.

For the best experience, change the Text Format below the content box to "Full HTML".  You will now see a new Icon in the editor bar that looks like a landscape with a small brown border, mouse over and you will see the tag of IMCE.  Using the IMCE function you can upload images and embed You Tube links, etc.

Let me know any feedback!

Looking forward to seeing pictures of your old computers.


Hello Everybody

Posted to the wrong forum.

Introducing myself

I have recently been studying classic computers to help me learn any kind of programming at all. I decided to get a C128 system from eBay.  I bought it in 3 auctions, because I couldn't get everything I needed all together.

So far I have been using my C128 to program in Commodore BASIC 7, 6502 Assembler, and LOGO. I haven't yet been able to try CP/M because I have no CP/M disk or image file. I only managed to get a 1541-II disk drive, not a 1571. Does this matter? I plan to buy an SD2IEC floppy drive emulator soon.


Paul Alba

@Paul you probably won't to

@Paul you probably won't to be able to autoboot disks with the 1541 drive. Thus you might not be able to start CP/M.

take a look at zimmers.net for good c128 stuff: http://www.zimmers.net/anonftp/pub/cpm/sys/c128/system/index.html <-- CP/M system


I can highly recommend you getting the 1541-Ultimate if money is no issue. - its 'the' hardware to get.. basically it'll work as a cart (built-in well known carts like Action Replay, Final cartridge etc) also it'll work as an EasyFlash cart. getting the tape extender it'll work as a tape too. and finally it emulates the diskettedrives, better than the sd2iec. i.e. custom bootloaders works fine.


For single file applications you can run them off the diskette image with hardly any wait for loading.

And it can work as ram expansion up to 16megs


(no I'm not in any way associated with the product other than being the happy owner of one, it's the best modern hardware to get and use with the old classic C64/C128 machines unless you want the real hardware ofc.)



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