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thrift store O scope

a late night question here,
With the made in china cheap B&W CRT TV sets I see from time to time in the area good wills.
If a person was willing to convert them to an X and Y monitor, and then an oscillascope what kind of bandwith might it be good for?

Honestly about the only usful

Honestly about the only usful thing you could do would be to unhook the horizontal and vertical windings on the yoke and make it a vector driven display, you still would need amplifiers and timebase and trigger.... You could probably buy a scope on Ebay for cheap if you are shooting for low frequency.
To answer part of your question, the horixontal bw is 3-4mhz, however the vertical is different (part of the problem).
Check out www.vintage.org/2012/east/session.php#163 Dan Roganti is making avector graphics kit that might feed your newley made vector converted chinese BW CRT . :)
Come to VCF East on May 5th, I am giving away a Tektronix Scope .

Ha, I already plan on it and

Ha, I already plan on it and have already factored in  $5.019 a gallon Gasoline prices.
Trouble is my companion for the trip is now incognito.... But I still look forward to attenting the event.
A Tektronixs' huh is it bigger or weigh more then me? LOL

I was hopeing due to the

I was hopeing due to the nature of the analog tuning mechnisms ( I have a few of these sets)  to convert them into cheap spectruim analysers...
they cover the AM/FM and analog TV bands from channel 2 all the way to 83, with a mechanical knob driving a POT.
I was thinking of driving the Verticle deflection from a LOG function RSSI circuit, and sweeping the varactor tuned reciver, IDK that was my reasoning for inital purchase, the O-scope conversion was an after thought.

At this point I am not 100%

At this point I am not 100% sure how I'm going to get to the show, but If I can manage to arive. I will sure to bring cash for the vector kit, and maybe some more books.
travel buddy found, now just waiting for the day.

Hope to see you there,

Hope to see you there,

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