Amiga Story by Nostalgia Nerd

The Amiga Story by Nostalgia Nerd.  Knowing some of the people I can say that this is a very well researched story.  I can never watch one of these all of the way through as I get misty eyed for wh

connecting the amiga 500 to the internet

Commodore Amiga 500 Connects To The Internet! (WiModem232)

WiModem232 is an internet modem for any computer with a RS-232 interface port that emulates a standard Hayes compatible modem.

DLH's Commodore Archive

DLH's Commodore Archive



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Amiga History - Clock Icon

A bunch of us ex CBM'ers were discussing the upcoming reunion and I brought up the subject of watching the Challenger disaster on one of the TV's in the hardware lab in West Chester. 

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Zach Weddington's Quest to Document the Amiga

Check out for the trailer for the Amiga Documentray.  Yes this trailer has been around for a li