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seeking feedback on post about CP/M speed for C128
second answer
I've been researching this
Due to the VIC chip there are
Thanks for the insight! I

Thanks for the insight! I gotta admit that I too, like the Z80, natively want my own memory cycles available upon demand! lol

It amazes me how you guys came up with solutions to difficult problems like these in the middle of the night:  and often after beer and no sleep!  Do you find that this method also enhances driving?

I have spent tons and tons of hours in CP/M on my 128 as a kid and it was mostly rock-solid!  It wasn't my daddy's CP/M machine, but it was MINE and I was proud of it!  I accomplished much for developing for my dad's/uncle's business with it, and getting real work done.

I heard that Australia didn't want C128s with a Z80 installed.  Were you guys pressured to build an alternate 128 without the Z80 or was the design pretty much locked-in by CES 1985?


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