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rgbi to vga
Is there any one out there that can give me a schematic to convert rgbi to svga in both 40/80 col. mode or it even possible? I haven't used my real commodore in about 20 years and would like to set it all up again with an lcd monitor if possible. Been using the Vice emulator and Star commander to copy my disks for backup. I and my uncle have both spent endless hours writing programs in basic. It was the first programming language I learned back in the early 80's still use it for trig calculations for trig work in my home machine shop. I just can't do visual basic or c, c++ or c# just too far behind in programming lol.
The RGBI port doesn't output

The RGBI port doesn't output 40 col, it's for 80 col only.
For RGBI -> VGA information, see this thread: http://c128.com/rgbi
There's a new product on the marked since that thread: http://www.bit-c128.com/
40 col output is only available in composite and S-Video (15KHz) formats through the "VIDEO" port.

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