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Reset #05 released (fwd)

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Subject: Reset #05 released
From: "Reset C64 Magazine"

Reset #05 is now out and downloadable from the Reset homepage

PaulEMoz has a chat with prolific 8-bit games cover-artist John Smyth. Legendary C64 SID composer Matt Gray talks to Reset about his C64 career and new Kickstarter project, Reformation. The team review the recently found and preserved The Adventures of Scooby Doo, as well as modern C64 classic Soulless and Protovision's latest release Leisure Suit Leo II. Sam Dyer's Commodore 64: a Visual Commpendium gets a thorough look through, as does the brand new movie about the story of the rise of the British Video Games Industry from 1975 to present, From Bedrooms to Billions. Roy Fielding presents his wonderful new C64 game, Paper Plane, on our very own coverdisk, Mix-i-disk 3. All your regular favourites such as Deep Thoughts, Ray Carlsen and Games That Weren't return, and much, much more! Over 70 packed pages of pure C64 love.

Important information about Physical Edition

It's still going to be a few weeks until I can get the Reset #05 physical editions made up, I just have a few more important things on my plate right now. Please do not send any money yet, but if you want one please let me know so I have an idea of how many to make.

Unfortunately re-prints of the other editions are a while away, but they will happen. Stay tuned!

Unkle K