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Ray Carlsen releases new power supplies and adapters

Good news! In his understated way, Ray Carlsen writes:

> I just finished updating my website to include the new C64 mini PS and some adapters that will eliminate
> the Y configuration on new power supplies that run a C64 and C128.

O.K., here are more details, all found at


The mini C64 p.s., priced at $55 plus shipping, is rated 5VDC @ 4 amps and 9VAC @ 1 amp. The very custom M-AM/64/128-2D p.s., priced at $140, powers a C64/128/VIC-20CR and disk drives, or with the flip of a switch, an Amiga 500/600/1200. Now on the webpage, the VIC-20E two-prong p.s., priced at $35, outputs 9VAC @ 3 amps. The C64-to-128 p.s. adapter and the C128-to-64 p.s. adapter are $15 each. (Not pictured is his heavy-duty p.s. for the Amiga CD32.) All of these are in addition to his other C64/128/VIC-20CR and Amiga 500/600/1200 power supplies!



there is another addition/improvement. It is the "Deluxe Box" Computer Saver and PS Tester, priced at $50. Not only does it prevent overvoltages from original CBM power supplies, but it also "allows p.s. testing without being connected to a computer."

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