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Q: C128 development - Character ROM incompatibilities

I've read in a couple of places - the C128 Wiki being one of them - that during development of the C128 it originally had a single character ROM, but some C64 programs used (?) the character ROM as data and would not work with the revised character set of the C128.

Does anyone have a list of such programs or exactly what they were doing with the character ROM data?

I can't imagine what they would be doing... code obfuscation perhaps??


Its absolutely true! We
Its absolutely true! We tried to "clean up" the C64 Font which was really what we called the Atari font because we stole it from Atari. Due to us moving the dot on the letter "i" a well known and beloved game/application came to a screeching halt. Rather than do a poor rendition of the story here I will tell you to listen to one of my CBM based tirades on video or come out to CommVEx this July in Vegas where I am sure I will tell the story. Bottom line was we couldn't move the dot on the i and stay C64 compatible. Bil
Re: It's absolutely true! We

Bil wrote:

> ...come out to CommVEx this July in Vegas where I am sure I will tell the story.

Oh, a sneak preview of what Bil speak about! ;)

Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group
July 18-19 Commodore Vegas Expo v11 -

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