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New Toy, C=64 going back online

I decided to buy one of these www.retroswitch.com/products/flyer so my C=64 can go online. I wish it would use the 128 in 128 80 column mode but at least with this I should be able to ftp to my server and get files. There are other less costly versions like the 64NIC at goretro.com/64nic but the retroswitch has 3.5 megs of onboard ram which should eliminate a lot of floppy usage.
I'll let you all know how this works out. I'm hoping I can get the Contiki operating system working. cbm8bit.com/contiki
I may end up buying the 64NIC as it has rrnet compatability and I am not very good with the technical side of computers.
Both cards have interesting solutions for the 8 bits especially for those who like to keep pushing the envelope.
Things are slow for me with computers but once the weather turns cold I'll be spending more time on the older systems.

Keep us informed.

Keep us informed.

I will definately post my

I will definately post my adventure. Hopefully it will help me get some production out of the 8 bits, getting files from the PC to the 64 or 128 has been nothing but hours wasted in aggravation :)

8 bits is all one needs

C64 is online

The retro switch arrived today. Awesome!! I hooked it up changed the device number to 11. Went to commodoreonline.com set up an account. Uploaded the contiki d64 images and downloaded them to my 128 (in 64 mode). Amazingly simple. It is faster downloading then the floppy drives. Speaking of floppy drives, wow, I forgot how slow they are. The unit has 3.5 megs of ram for storage so the contiki files are on that till I remember how to move files from one drive to another and I have to find a d64 utility.
I need to hook my 64 since it has jiffy dos as I can't remember how to format disks or move files with out jiffy dos. I'll try to get to that this weekend and hopefully get contiki up and running.
What did I learn, my commodore mouse does work, my 1571 drives still suck, my 1581 drive's power supply is failing. I'll have to rig up a PC power supply and use that to power my 1581 and 2 1541-II drives. I need to order jiffy dos for the 128 and 1571 drives. I like the dos shell that comes with the 128 except it seems to only work for disk drive 8.
As I learn I wil post

8 bits is all one needs

If you have one of the tru

If you have one of the tru Commodore Mouses it was designed by an engineer named Hedley Davis who went on to work at 3DO and was one of the hardware designers on the XBox.

It is an aftermarket mouse M3

It is an aftermarket mouse M3 is what they call it. I may have some original C= mice, I bought a lot of them but none seemed to work very well but I may have had a bad cia chip back then.

8 bits is all one needs


Hate to hijack this old post but I thought I would put my 2 cents in here. I have the 64NIC and I love it! I have copied a ton of programs onto disk using WarpCopy and have found it a breeze to use. One issue I keep having and I assume it is because of my crappy router is that it does not like to work well over wifi. I end up using an ethernet cable from my laptop to the router and it works 100% where as when I am runing my laptop wireless it works about 50% of the time and skips blocks like mad. One downside of the 64NIC is that it does take up the cart port but I can deal with that since it works so well. 

64inc and wireless

I had the same problem with wireless and just went with a Cat6 cable to the router.
Now that winter is arriving I will get back into 8 bit mode.

8 bits is all one needs

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