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New C128 Youtube Channel

Hey!  I found a new YouTube channel that's Commodore 128 mode specific!  NICE!

It's called Nybbles and Bytes.  Its host is a software engineer and she goes into explaining the 8502 processor's archetecture and does a simple assembly language program with full explanation using the 128's MONITOR.

Her goal is to spark interest in developing new software for the Commodore 128's C128 native mode.  How refreshing!

I think it's cool.  Check it out.


Ah yes :( I hope
Yep, I'm back!
MMU Woes
Heh, yeah that's my bad as

Heh, yeah that's my bad as the guy that put the guide together scarfed my internal documents that were written for engineers already familiar with the subject. I can open the book to anywhere and tell within a couple of words if I wrote it, for example if you see a sentence that starts anything like "Additionally this allows..." Also I wasn't very good at English, I would change tense in the middle of a sentence and also dangles my participles and didn't use "to be" when I should have.

I was a self-taught (in electronics) high school dropout with long hair and ran around without my shirt or shoes too often. I have since tried to learn English. Two jokes from the day were "Herd learned to spell the day the Vax got a spell check program" and "he speaks Japanese and can't write English". Truthfully my Japanese wasn't all that great as I learned it sitting in bars.

Similar backgrounds!
A couple of years after I
I can't wait for the next

I can't wait for the next episode! You're putting a LOT of work into unlocking the 128!

Additionally, this will allow us to be inspired to produce new C128 software!  (See what I did there????)  :P  (No copyright infringement on the Commodore 128 Programmer's Reference Guide intended)



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