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My original "barn doorstop"

My original "barn doorstop" C128 had the bars, but so did my VIC-20 I had previously, therefore I assumed that all Commodore home computers had that issue.  But as I understand it, the C64 and Plus/4 / C16 didn't have it??  Anyways my current Commodore 128D(cr) also has the bars on the 40-col screen.

It's nice to see new hardware being developed for the C128, isn't it?

Thanks for the post!  I had no idea they made the Lumafix for the 128 and I just may get it.  Now if only they could make a decent digital RGBI-to-VGA converter for the 80-column screen.  The one I have (bit-c128 plus Gonbez 8200) produces way too many annoying interference lines and ANNOYS me.

The bars that appear once per
About the 128DCR, Bil:  I'm

About the 128DCR, Bil:  I'm curious: if you get a chance, could you, please, post a picture of the VIC display output from your 128DCR?  I've seen another post earlier where you said that the display was not as good on a DCR as it is on a real 128D and this intrigues me.  To me the 40 col output on my DCR looks exactly as the "barn doorstop" 128 I had as a kid.  Of course, I could be remembering my original 128's output incorrectly after all of these years.

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