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LumaFix 128

Looks like the LumaFix 128 is out, and i've seen a few screenshots of the results. My original '86 C128 has the bars, but not terrible. Has anyone here seen one in person?


My original "barn doorstop"

My original "barn doorstop" C128 had the bars, but so did my VIC-20 I had previously, therefore I assumed that all Commodore home computers had that issue.  But as I understand it, the C64 and Plus/4 / C16 didn't have it??  Anyways my current Commodore 128D(cr) also has the bars on the 40-col screen.

It's nice to see new hardware being developed for the C128, isn't it?

Thanks for the post!  I had no idea they made the Lumafix for the 128 and I just may get it.  Now if only they could make a decent digital RGBI-to-VGA converter for the 80-column screen.  The one I have (bit-c128 plus Gonbez 8200) produces way too many annoying interference lines and ANNOYS me.

The bars that appear once per
About the 128DCR, Bil:  I'm

About the 128DCR, Bil:  I'm curious: if you get a chance, could you, please, post a picture of the VIC display output from your 128DCR?  I've seen another post earlier where you said that the display was not as good on a DCR as it is on a real 128D and this intrigues me.  To me the 40 col output on my DCR looks exactly as the "barn doorstop" 128 I had as a kid.  Of course, I could be remembering my original 128's output incorrectly after all of these years.

The LumaFix128 is breaking C128s :(

It's not the best design. You have to bend over an electrolytic cap to get it to fit right. If the cap breaks, electrically, it just makes things worse. It also has DIP switches to do A/B testing but the switches are below the board so you have to remove it to operate them. Not so great.

I'm working on a much improved design (more in keeping with my "LumaFixed64") that will resolve all these issues and fit properly without breaking things in a C128, C128D and C128CDR. It will also have the DIP switches on top, accessible when the machine is turned on.

I'll keep you posted.

Hardware maker for C64/C128

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