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Let me introduce myself

As i am a new user to this forum i'd like to introduce myself. I've visited this place numerous times the last couple of years to get info on commodore stuff.
I'm a Commodore collector from Sweden. I have VIC's C64's PET's 128's, peripherals, books, games etc.
My first computer was a C64c with a 1541-II and a magnum light gun that my dad bought for me in the early 90's. I look back with joy at the many hours of Out run, Spy Hunter, 1942, Ace of aces and whatever more games i spent hours and hours playing. And the first line of Basic code. I think it was something like
20 GOTO 10.
The reason for my commodore hoarding.. eh.. collection is that i wanted to learn more about electronics after i'd finished school, so i dug out the old c64 from the basement to experiment with programming and the user port. Soon i felt like i wanted to find out what other cool computers Commodore had made, so i found a VIC.. and bought it, and a few different variations of C64's.. and bought them, and a 128 and bought it, and a few VIC's more, and a PET, and c128D, and..  and.. and now i need a bigger room for my collection.
Today i mostly buy "projects". Something that i really need to think through to be able to repair, which isn't always that easy. I still concider myself to be pretty much a beginner.
I'm pretty sure i wouldn't have had a job in the IT industry today if it weren't for my dad buying me that computer (thanks dad!).
That's a little bit about my background. If anyone would like to use this thread to introduce themselves to the forum, then please go ahead.

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Re: Let me introduce myself

jac64 wrote:

> The reason for my commodore hoarding.. eh.. collection is that i wanted to learn more about electronics...

Heh, I can't see Commodore equipment being dumped into the bin. :)

Another reason,
Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group
July 26-27 Commodore Vegas Expo v10 -

That would be blasphemy :-)

That would be blasphemy :-)

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