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Leonard Tramiel is in the new today

Leonard Tramiel is in the new today
“I think that CFI’s mission of fostering a society based on reason and values is wonderful, in fact vital, for the future of humanity,” Tramiel said.

This article looks like it's

This article looks like it's from 2010, was there a new link?  Did you read his list of PHD's and other degrees?  Quite impressive.  When I asked him what he was doing now back at the C64 anniversary he replied that he was a bum.  Some bum... multiple doctorate.

I made an assumption from

I made an assumption from doing news searches that Google only holds onto the most recent news unless you are able to go back.  Google usually generates hundreds and thousands of news stories under the same title so if you read something and don't bookmark it or save it, it is almost hard to find sometimes after a day or two.  This news article falls under the general search which is why it came up.

His list of accomplishments are quite impressive and an accomplishment.  It is interesting to find out a little about these men but I wouldn't say he is a bum but he is "retired" from Atari which makes me a little sad because I wished they would continue to make computers.

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