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Kipperterm 128 released

A port of Kipperterm to the C128 has been released I have uploaded a d64 file to the arnold site


I assume the keeper of the site will probably move it to a more appropriate location, but its there now.

It is also on my server at


I will be uploading this binary to various BBS's and other locations as well, but feel free to distribute as you like, and enjoy.

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I had a few people claim some
I had a few people claim some issues with Kipperterm 128 with a 64NIC+ I did not put the switch settings in the manual, so I will update it. The switches need to be STD and IO2... don't ask me why, but if you don't have them in those positions it will crash after failing to initialize the nic... I did not touch any of the low level code, and did confirm on my 128 at least Kipperterm2 (64 version this is based off of) will also lock up/crash the machine if the switches on a 64NIC are not in these positions.
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