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Kanet updates GEOS Megapatch, geoDOS 64, GeoConvert

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Markus Kanet has updated the GEOS MegaPatch program. A D81 containing the upgrade files for both C64 and C128 is available here.


He also has made available the source code here


Here below I am reporting his complete announcement.

"Hi there!

It has been a while... but after nearly 20 years a new release for GEOS MegaPatch V3.3 is available for download!

GEOS MegaPatch V3 is a system upgrade for GEOS 2.x. It supports many hardware devices like 1541,71,81, CMD FD,HD,RL, and as a new feature since the last release from 2003: Support for SD2IEC devices with NativeMode disk images up to 16Mb. Also additional SuperRAM drives up to 16Mb are possible (if you have Hardware like Ultimate64... or VICE).

MP3 also supports many RAM expansions like C=REU, GEORAM, RAMLink or RAMCard. It has a TaskManager which allows up to 8 Tasks active at the same time. You can switch between many applications using C=+CTRL (or using GEOS.TaskMSE and left+right mouse button). Requires lots of RAM!

I have tested this release with GEOS 2.0-US and GEOS 2.0r-US(GEORAM). On GEOS128 only GEOS 2.0(with C=REU) has been tested.

Note that this release does not include a DESKTOP manager. You need a DESKTOP application like DESKTOP (from GEOS 2.x), DualTop (my preferred DE), TOPDESK (used by many German users...) or GeoDOS (an GEOS application developed and updated in 2018 by myself).

The English release is based upon the same source code as the German release but has not been tested that much. Most of the translations are based on my very poor 20 years old English. Feedback is welcome!

The release can be downloaded here.

The Source Code is available as Plain Text here.

Please excuse my bad English since that is not my first language. If you have any questions i will give my best to help but technical English may be much more complicated.


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Markus has updated geoDOS 64 and GeoConvert, too. See


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