Jim Peters' Quad Commodore Port Project
Jim Peters' Quad Commodore Port Project

My Serial Port Story - By Jim Peters

It all started in the late 80’s when I wanted to connect two printers to my 64 and the printers only had one serial port. That’s when I purchased a Serial “Y” connector cable. It worked OK but sure made a mess, long cables going everywhere. That’s when I decided to make a PC board and mount three serial connectors, eliminating the cables mess. That worked just fine for me. Then about a year ago, I saw a posting on the Videocam web site...

Read more about Jim Peters Quad Port project with pictures here:

My Serial Port Story.pdf

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Update on the QuadPort.
I have sold or used up all of my QuadPort PC boards and have completed the boxes for over 50 units for Jim Brain and he is now selling the QuadPort units in his online store.

James L. Peters


James L. Peters