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Help figuring out day of week for BBS software

This day of week code was written following the Gaussian method but it seems to be off each month. I believe it wasn't factoring in Y2K. Any help would be appreciated.

Assume p$ = "03/07/2019" the expected result should be "Thu", which it is. However it does not work with other dates (such as 04/01/2019 or 02/28/2019).


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


80 x=val(p$):i$=mid$(" JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec",x*3+1,3):i=val(mid$(p$,7,2)):x=x-2:ifx<1thenx=x+12:i=i-1

81 i=i+int(i/4)+1+val(mid$(p$,4))+int(2.6*x-.1999):i=i-int(i/7)*7:p$=mid$("SunMonTueWedThuFriSat",i*3+1,3)+" "+mid$(p$,4,2)+"-"+i$+"-"+mid$(p$,7):return


FYI - this is for Supra 128 BBS, which I have managed to get working on Telnet at tfcbbs.com port 6400. Please give it a call!

I figured it out. Line 81

I figured it out. Line 81 should begin:
Instead of 

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