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GO128 by fatal failure / TED Series 7501/8501 recognition?
Hi! I posted on C128 forum Q about reset Commodore 128 from C64 mode to C128 mode by software. I know that it is maybe impossible, but this domain owner is Bil Herd and I can hope that father of C128 will know maybe something what no one other... So, is possible to generate so big failure that reboots C128 into C128 mode without pressing any reset or hardware button? Other Q looks also impossible, but: is possible to recognize between MOS 7501 and MOS 8501 in TED Series? I think there's no way, but - maybe by manufacturing date - since X.X time were producing only with 8501 CPUs... From other men I know only note that TED Series are children of Bil Herd... So, I'm asking maybe creator of these computers... But I hope Bil will be interest in also my own solution how to have Z80 available even when is SCPU128 turned on! Best regards, Miro