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Global Geek Tour

One of the blogs I read each day is Dangerous Prototypes.  I learn a bunch about new products and I sometimes ask questions.  One of their categories is "Global Geek" and it is about their trips to several electronic markets around the world with video and pictures:
One of the highlights is there is a mall that sells all LEDs (see last picture):
I see all the fun that I could have shopping overseas and it makes me want to cry that few things are manufactured here because we will never quite be or have what we could.  I wouldn't pick on either political party but the discussion would get political (and I am not saying that I am 100% right) which I will try to avoid as to why I believe we can't have these electronic toys here.

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We used to go to Akiharbara

We used to go to Akiharbara in Tokyo where you would see barrels of TTL chips that you bought by the kilo.  They would actually use a sugar scoop to transfer them to a scale.
I would have to say that there is a alot of access to this stuff if you dont mind waiting on shipping, I have gotten some things off of ebay that are foreign sourced including very cheap flexible camera's etc. 

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