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Funny thing happened on my way to trying out Kipperterm 128
So, I powered on my trusty C128D(CR) to test out the new Kipperterm 128. As is my habit, I held the C= key down without thinking. How the heck am I going to test an 80 column c128 program in 64 mode? Anyway, this is what greeted me:

I quickly grabbed my camera. I mean, clearly something is wrong, but it just looked COOL!

I then started poking around, and discovered C128 mode, both 40 and 80 column, looked fine. Upon further investigation, I discovered that my SuperCPU 128 was dead, along with my 64NIC (though the RamLink sitting between them was fine). Strangely enough, my 1581 had also bitten the big one as well. I've been doing a lot of stuff in my lab, it had perhaps been a few weeks since I'd really used my 128D, but still -- that's a lot to go bad at once.

Anyway, I removed the SuperCPU, pushed the RamLink up, and replaced the 64NIC with a known working one. I was still determined to test Kipperterm. I'll do triage later. So I booted the C128D(CR) again, this time booting directly into C128 80 column mode, just like I was supposed to. And this greeted me:

Dammit!! 80 column fonts were FINE a few minutes before that -- only 64 mode was wrong! And NOW the 80 column fonts were screwed, and both the 64 mode fonts are now perfect. (C128 40 column always looked OK).

I decided not to push my luck. I unplugged everything and decided to wait a day to investigate.

Well, one new 390059-01 ROM replacement later, and all fonts in all modes are just fine now. The SuperCPU 128 was still toast, along with the 1581 and 64NIC. The 1541-II and CMD HD on the same IEC bus were fine. Everything was plugged through one of those multi-switch surge suppressor (the ones with buttons for monitor, and computer, and printer, etc).

I'm not looking for help or anything, but I do have a question for anyone reading this: do you have a viable THEORY to explain how those select things could happen at once? Because I have no clue.

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Re: Funny thing happened on my way to trying out Kipperterm 128

bozimmerman wrote:

> do you have a viable THEORY to explain how those select things could happen at once?

This one has me stumped. If it were a surge, then perhaps the surge protector couldn't stop the surge, and so, the higher voltage affected the weaker (more susceptible) items, i.e., the C128DCR's power supply and the 1581's power supply. If it were a low-voltage condition (brown-out), then the surge protector does nothing for that, and so, the lower voltage affected the weaker items. The 1541-II's power supply somehow survived the over/under-voltage condition (did the 1581 and the 1541-II have the same type of p.s.?) Anyway, something happened along the 5V line.

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