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Forum troubles

Hey Bil, looks like there's something screwy going on with the forum again.
When I post, I get a whole bunch of PHP warnings of the form "Messaging_User_Destination::validate_address($address) should be compatible with Messaging_Destination::validate_address($address, $type = NULL) in include_once() (line 3491 of /var/www/html/c128.com/includes/bootstrap.inc)"

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I also have that problem.

I also have that problem.

Yeah I worked several hours

Yeah I worked several hours on eliminating these warnings as they are stating that semi-optimal written code is performing semi-badly in one of the infinite variations of third part modules that comprise the C128 website. With that said they are warnings only, but for some reason the global warning variables for PHP aren't catching them.
I see more warnings as an admin so wasn't really aware how many showed up for regular users, so thanks for the feedback!

I have also looked at migrating the C128 website to something thats better supported than Drupal, I didn't know 8-9 years ago that I would have to continously rip out the files and replace them for the smallest issue, there really is no reliable automation like Wordpress uses  (Don't mention thrush or drush or whatever its called as I said reliable >:)

Keep up the good work on the series!  Let me know if you ever wanted to do something like ask the engineers why the hell we did something, we got some things mostly right and broke a toe or two in other places.  

The guy that wrote Basic in

The guy that wrote Basic in the ole '128 showed me how to overide the warning level with extreme prejudice for this particular message, which only occured when sending an update email that we could find.

Let me know if any more erros are seen.

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