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Episode 2 is up!
I saw the video. Very
YAY! I have been looking

YAY! I have been looking forward to this!

I have to say:  you really captured the surprise and frustration when a program doesn't execute as expected! hahahahaa RRRRR!!!!  Followed by the satisfying YESSSSS!! when the issue is figured out!  Very REAL! 

It's also fantastic how you got out of the way right off the bat some errors of the previous video.  Such a quality can endear your audience to you.

With that said (not being nitpicky), in Episode 2, you stated that the VIC II has a 40x20 text mode.  It's actually 40x25.

I love your videos!  Keep up the excellent work!

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@Don Szydlowski Yeah, that's
Heh, I mispeak every single
Can't wait for Episode 3!

Can't wait for Episode 3!
Nybbles and Bytes:  Are you having any thoughts about tackling the programming of the 8563/8568 VDC (80-column chip) for high resolution graphics in the future?

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