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Did Commodore pay Magnavox for Patents?
With the death of Ralph Baer in the news, it became known that Magnavox sued Atari because of its first patent(s) which were based on sending video game signals to a television. It also became apparent that there were lawsuits for 20 years and Magnavox racked up $100 million in lawsuits because they sued a bunch of companies. Did it affect Commodore? The games and logic were DTL which were pre TTL. I'm just curious if Commodore ever paid or was sued by Magnavox over video game patents.
Magnavox + CBM = cordial ?
I don't have an answer... but my C128 monitor (1902A [compatible?]) was made by Magnavox. So CBM did not cancel all contracts with Magnavox... at least not as of 1987 (from my flakey memory).

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