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Commodore Vegas Expo v11 2015 -- July 18-19

Six months and counting... it's time for another Commodore Vegas Expo, hosted by the Fresno Commodore User Group and the Clark County Commodore Computer Club of Las Vegas! It's the eleventh CommVEx, and once again we're bringing all kinds of Commodore 8-bit and Amiga goodness to the Plaza Hotel & Casino, 1 Main Street in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Enjoy and use the various computers that we'll have -- Commodore PET, VIC-20, C64, Plus/4, C128, B128, classic Amigas, and new AmigaOnes. Enjoy and converse with Commodore/Amiga veterans and newbies. Enjoy looking at and buying various Commodore and Amiga items - new and old. Enjoy and listen to the presentations given by Commodorians and Amigans.

We start on Friday, July 17, unofficially when everybody starts setting up. We go late into the night on Saturday/early Sunday morning. We play, we talk, we snack, we listen, we chow down, we program throughout the weekend.

Join us! For the latest information, visit the CommVEx forum at


The official webpages are up and running! Go to


Check the forum and the webpages often, as presentations, exhibits, guests, and raffle/door prizes get updated as CommVEx nears.

Robert Bernardo
organizer - Commodore Vegas Expo v11