Commodore C-64 80 Column Adapter
Commodore C64 80 Column Adapter

I have found several sets of drawings in a box that dates back 30 years to when I worked at Commodore Business Machines in West Chester PA.  I had assumed that these products eventually got released but I am starting to learn that maybe not. It might be possible that some of the schematics I will be posting have not seen the light of day outside the halls of CBM, unfortunately not all of them are complete sets.

We did have a constant background of projects that about 2/3 of the engineers whiled away the time while the annual  release cycle projects that ultimately were shown at January CES in Las Vegas would go from conception to delivery in the foreground, often taking less than 6 months. This project was one of several that had the theme of 80 columns, and it's possible I suppose, that this product would not have been sold so as to promote the C128 if someone wanted 80 columns.  Or its possible we were just confused after the driving force of Jack Tramiel was no longer with us.

Looking at the title block in the corner I see that this was drawn by our drafting person, Sue, and signed off by Doug Renn, a co-op that became engineer, working mostly on the Z8000 project, and ultimately was one of the guys that jumped to Atari when Jack Tramiel took the reins. 

Much thanks to Mike Naberezny and his father for the work doing the scanning, and to Steve Gray for putting the bug in my ear and hooking me up with Mike.

Bil Herd


C64 80 Column Card Schematic 1 of 2

C64 80 Column Card Schematic 2 of 2



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Fascinating! I have a "batteries included"  which uses the motorola 6845 - it will be interesting to see how these two compare.