Commodore Free Issue #60

Commodore Free Issue #60

Commodore Free Magazine Issue #60
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  dedicated to Commodore computers

WCHE Computer Corner, Joe Myshko, Gener Mitchell, Bil Herd

WCHE Computer Corner Interviews Bil Herd

Bil Herd joins fellow Commodore alumni Joe Myshko and Gene Mitchell on Computer Corner on WCHE 1520 West Chester on Saturday 31 March at 8:00 AM.  The video will also be broadcast at

Callan's Commodore ventures Blogger: Callan's Commodore ventures

  • Fri, 2012-03-16 11:25

Registered users can post their own blogs about the things they are up to in the world of electronics and computers.  Check out Callens

Jeff Porter, Commodore LCD,

Jeff Porter's LCD Machines

Leave it to Jeff Porter to be the other owner of a Commodore LCD, Jeff was the leader, engineer, father and owner back at Commodore in 1984-85.  Half of the C

Zach Weddington, Amiga, Viva Amiga, Amiga Film, Documentary

Zach Weddington's Quest to Document the Amiga

Check out for the trailer for the Amiga Documentray.  Yes this trailer has been around for a li

Commodore C64 Universal Cartridge

Universal C64 Cartridge

Frank Buss had posted soem interesting details about the Commodore C64 Universal Cartridge.  The description of the cartridge lifted straight

Build your own Kim-1

  • Fri, 2012-02-10 21:56

Remember the Kim-1?  Want to build your own?  Check out Ruud Baltissen's si

Commodore, expo, 2001, Bil Herd, MP3, C128, Plus4

Commodore Expo 2001

  • Sat, 2012-01-07 23:58

Here is an oldie: MP3's of my talk at the Commodore Expo in Lousville around 2001.  Noisey at first, gets better, the kid in the background is mine.

Bil Herd Video on Commodore C116

C116 Video with Bil Herd

Thanks again to Rob Clarke who sent me a C116 in beautiful condition, A Joystick which I never thought I would see again, and a Jack Attack cartridge which was the one game we had going at the CES