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Commodore 16 bit Chip?
Someone on another forum was talking about Commodore designing a 16 bit chip to compete with IBM which never was produced. I would like to know more.
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CBM had a Z8000 product in
CBM had a Z8000 product in design during the entire time I was there. Also the Amiga was 68K based. We never once discussed at any level I was aware of undertaking the expense (and DELAY!) of making another processor design. I also took a call from WDC about using their 65c816 chip but we/I felt it was a 16 bit version of old technology when we wanted newer technology (registers, MMU, etc)
C128 hindsight?
In hindsight - would you have changed your mind on that subject now? i.e. time again, would you have used the 65c816 for say allowing the creating of say relocatable code, etc (things which on the 65xx systems are generally a major pain in the bum). Actually, following that line of questioning ... in hindsight on the C128 - what are the things that you *WOULD* have changed? I think I recall you mentioning something regarding the MMU on that line somewhere in one of your interviews ... (AmpHour?)


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