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Commodore 128 "Easter Eggs", bytes, CP/M, and character sets
Edited by: Don Szydlowski on 2018-05-01 22:05
anti-nuke easteregg and von ertwine

Last I recall, the anti-nuke easteregg is 155 bytes.

Coincidentally, I wrote an 'easteregg' rom generator (using nodeJS) a few weeks ago. Works a-ok as long as you're willing to drudge through "$ffd2 streaming" by yourself or by using the program below  (sorry, no easteregg editor yet) in order to create the raw bytes needed for a new message. .. Available at this link - https://csdb.dk/release/?id=170660

Here's a small basic program that will dump the easteregg to raw bytes at "bank1" $1300 ..

... so you can view / edit easteregg text with the ML monitor, after it is done .. ( by using the command : M 11300 )

10 rem this program reads easteregg from rom, decrypts to plaintext, saves to memory at b1-$1300 and dumps egg as char/hexbyte to screen -xmikex 2018
20 bank15:lc=4863:fori=1to155:x=i:y=peek(44643+i):x=xor(x,y):a=xor(y,x):y=123:x=xor(x,y):y=0:a=xor(y,x):rem y=0 for plaintext
30 printchr$(x);:bank1:pokelc+i,a:bank15:nexti:print:print
40 a$="":bank1:fori=1to155:cc=cc+1:x=peek(lc+i):x$=right$(hex$(x),2)
50 print using "##";x$;:next
60 bank15:print:end

A more polished (and compiled) form of the above script is available at the following link : https://csdb.dk/release/?id=172739


As for Von Ertwine, he is on linkedin !

https://www.linkedin.com/in/von-ertwine-078580b (this page might require linkedin signup)

Cheers !

That's almost 4 lines of the

That's almost 4 lines of the 40 col screen worth of bytes! Interesting code above. BASIC is so slow in rendering it!

Just one question: Do I save the above program before or after I issue an SYS DEC("FF3D") ??  hahahaa Welcome to the C128 forum!

Unfortunately I don't have a LinkedIn account, but if someone out there wishes, could you give Von Ertwine an invitation to join C128.com????  I feel he has a C128 story (beyond using ice cubes in his butter melt tray from his popcorn machine on top of a Revision 3 8563 chip) for the C128 fans out there!

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