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Commodore 128 DCR keyboard cable length

I saw a comment from NybblesAndBytes saying that she felt that the Commodore 128 DCR's cable was too short for her liking, so I thought I would respond here (I don't have, nor want, a YouTube account) since that user had registered earlier (hoping N&B returns!)

You can lengthen the keyboard cable easily by attaching it to a DB25 parallel cable (I don't know if a DB25 serial cable works or not (I don't have one), but I've tried a parallel cable on it and it works perfectly!  It was 10 feet long too!

On the other hand, I wished it was shorter. hahaha not much I can do about that with my non-existent soldering skills.

It was a DB-25 right angle
WOW! This is super

WOW! This is super interesting.

Bil:  mmmmmmm crow!  I know the taste well.  lol

staggered DB25?  Does that mean that the plastic D keyboard has only every second pin in place or do you mean that every second pin is connected, or both?  Looking at my 128DCR (metal) keyboard's connector, I see that every pin is physically present.  Either way, that would confirm that a DB25 serial cable could not extend the keyboard cable length:  it must be parallel.

"Modern"  PS/2 connectors only have 6 pins and 104 (-ish) keys.  The 128D had 12 connected pins(?) and 92(?) keys?  Were some of those pins specifically for the 128 & CP/M mode extended keys?  I don't know what the true (plastic-case) 128D's keyboard is like in comparison to my 128DCR's, but it is a SOLID, QUALITY product.  It makes modern-day keyboards feel like mere toys in comparison

N&B:  Funny (to me) story:  When I bought my 128DCR 3 years ago and was examining it out of the box for the first time, I thought "It has a parallel port?  COOL!  I can hook up a modern (hahaha ok, more-recent) printer."  Later on that day I was like oooohhhhhhh it's for the keyboard.  Of course, because I thought this my curiosity was peaked in regard to hoooking up a parallel cable to extend the keyboard--wondering if it would work.  One sleepless night I tried it and voila! it worked!


Staggered DB25

** SMACKS HEAD **  Of COURSE!  hahahaa

Not one of my brighter moments.

Thanks N&B!

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