The QuadPort

     I would like to tell you about my serial connector junction project, witch is called a "Quad Port".
   This project all started with the need for an alternative to the "Y" connector cable.  The first unit I built was just 4  serial cable DIN connectors on a 2 inch square Radio Shack project board.  It served it purpose as a 4 connector junction for connecting multiple commodore devices into the serial chain.  This worked great for connecting Jim Brain's Micro IEC drive.  I first unit I made was all hand wired and I liked it so well that I thought I would try to mass pronounce it.  I contacted Jim Brain to see if he could get the PC boards made for me.  He suggested I put it into some sort of enclosure, before I ordered the boards.  So I hunted around and found a 2 x 2 inch Lego style block, I thought I was just the ticket.  I later found a black project box, but Jim suggested that I add switches to the output ports, or connectors, to interrupt the ATT line to each attached device, which would allow like numbered drives or printers to be connected at the same time and could be connected or disconnected with the flip of a switch rather than switching them of or fiscally disconnecting them.  This changed the board size, but that was the design I went with and Jim had the first 10 boards created.  I assembled the units and ordered more PC boards last year, which I am assembling and am trying to figure out how to MASS produce or machine the enclosures.  I have already come up with some improvements to the circuit.  By adding a reset button and double pole double throw switches, which will allow for selected device reset.

Sounds very cool.

Sounds very cool.
You can also get housings directly from Pactec at including ree samples of certain cases with your order if you look around.  I would design the PCB to a commercially available enclosure if that is an option as you really dont want to be in the custom enclosure business.  I just grabbed a DB9 based enclosure  that I am using for DB9 to WLAN for a Megasquirt/Mobisquirt project.
Do you have pictures?
Bil Herd

Quad Port Pictures

I have pictures, but can't figure out how to post them.  Maybe you could  offer some help ??

James L. Peters

Here are a couple of the pics

Here are a couple of the pics, I will post the full PDF as well.


I'm using one of these

I'm using one of these adapters on my 128D system, Works great. I probably should get another one for my test bench system. Getting tired of chasing cords. I'll see Jim B at ECCC this year and snag another one.

If it's NOT a 128, it's not worth your time. :)

Yes, cool. I own old model

Yes, cool. I own old model with 10 cm cable and 4 serial connectors... works great!
Commodore 64 was great... Commodore 128 is bigger, better, faster, more intelligent and more powerful, it's targetted to programmation!


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