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CBM engineer Bil Herd to appear at CommVEx v11 2015

Wow! Get ready your questions... get ready your autograph pens... get ready to greet one of the C128 "Animals!" Bil Herd, Commodore Business Machines' engineer who developed the Plus/4 and the Commodore 128, will attend this year's Commodore Vegas Expo v11! He's making a rare West Coast visit, and he's ready to "rock out" the 30th anniversary of the C128 with us. He promises to tell his familiar stories and to relate some new stories about working at CBM and about the computers we love.

At CommVEx we'll have Plus/4's, flat C128's, PAL C128D's, C128DCR's, 1571's, and 1581's, so Bil could feel right at home. Naturally, we'll have a PET or two, VIC-20's, and various Amigas.

Gotta re-read the book, "Commodore: a Company on the Edge," and see if I can dig out any questions for Bil that were not answered in the book.

This will be one special CommVEx!

Robert Bernardo
organizer - July 18-19 Commodore Vegas Expo v11
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