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C64 Video Output
Not sure if anyone else has had this issue but I am using an S-Video to VGA converter for my breadbox and have had amazing results with one of the units I have (along with all of my 128's.) The issue I am having is while it works perfect with my primary C64 it will not play well with any of my other units. I get distorted screens, no picture and other display images depending on the computer. Oddly enough they are all the same board revision and reasonably close serial numbers so I would assume that they should be pretty comparable electronic wise. Is this something that just falls back on Commodore not making every computer 100% the same or is there something I can adjust on the video out to make them all work? I know that Commodore was known for changing and repairing things on the fly but this seems like something that wouldn't change much between boards. Ideally I would love to have more than one machine that can display on a LCD monitor because my desk (and checking account) cannot support a Commodore monitor at the moment.
Re: C64 Video Output

Jeff Stringham wrote:

> Is this something that just falls back on Commodore not making every computer 100% the same...

I would think that is the case here. First of all, which S-video to VGA converter are you using? Second, open the one C64 that is producing the amazing results. Third, open one of the C64's that are not so amazing. Do a detailed comparison between each board and note any differences. That would be comparing every chip, every resistor, every component... even every trace. What is different in the not-so-amazing C64 may be the cause of your video problems. After you have analyzed that first not-so-amazing C64, then you would go onto a comparative analysis of the next not-so-amazing C64.

Tedious but it would get the job done,
Robert Bernardo
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Video output
My converter is a Mygicia vga converter box which for the most part is quite user friendly. I am thinking I will actually tear 2 of them apart and take your advice and compare seeing as I have a free weekend for once. Probably will just compare components as I assume looking at all of the traces will cause my eyes to cross :)
The best C-64 display
The best C-64 display enhancer I have found is the Viewsonic, Nextvision N6 box. It isn't the cheapest, but I have seen them (new) for $40.00 on ebay. I use my 32" LED TV and get a great display using this box. Setup is fairly easy too. It also work quite well with early game consoles. You can read about it here. http://www.hk.viewsonic.com/en/products/advancedtv/nextvision_n6.php
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