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C64 still in production at the end of Commodore?

On the Amiga History Guide website, they have some documentation about SEC filling and auditing for the last year of Commodore, apparently, they sol around 200,000 C64 in 1993, 650,000 in 1992 and over 800,000 in 1991. That is nice but I was under the impression that the MOS fab was close in the first quarter of 1992 and to support that number of sales, MOS should had made around a million of each chips needed for a C64 (or at least enough of the old NMOS versions to repair old motherboards). Does anyone know if they really produced theses chips till the closure of the fab, or they just made so many in the past that they still had the inventory to support that lever of production? Considering they sold around 800,000 amiga in 1993 and a million in 1992, the C64 was still scoring very high in the 90'. Sad to see that the 128 was completly gone too.

Re: C64 still in production at the end of Commodore?

Eddy Beaupre wrote:

> ...they sol around 200,000 C64 in 1993...

Because C64 production stopped in 1992, probably this was leftover inventory being sold by retailers, such as Toys-R-Us and independents.

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