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The C128.com website

Wow, the C128 website has been through the ringer but should now be all fixed.  First I had moved it to Amazons AWS virtual hosting service which was a horrible experiance. Horrible, Horrible, Horrible. They kept dropping the connection to the IP address and I kept finding the intergral firewall turned off.  Ultimately our web pages as cached by Google all have spam embedded in them.  Pulling the website back to my own servers (I owned an ISP for 15 years, Ishould never have gone to AWS) has everything running fine now.
Also an upgrade to teh forums finally allows me to show the newest first (was that too much to ask???)
  Contact me if anyone has any issues.

Edited by: bilherd on 2015-10-27 16:53

Forums are working (duh) and the 1985  CES Gallery of pictures is fixed at http://www.c128.com/gallery.htm

Cool, glad to see you've got

Cool, glad to see you've got the forums working. Is this using CKEditor? I run my own site / forum (not commodore related at all) on vBulletin (k12advantage.com) and have been thinking of jumping ship to Drupal since vBulletin isn't delivering some of the funtionallity that should have been present, (and was promised) long ago (like custom content types), so I'd be interested in participating here to learn a bit more about Drupal and see what the look and feel is like.
Are you running on Drupal 6 or 7? How did you find the CCK to work with?

I grew up with Commodore computers. They will always have a special place in my heart. C-64, 64-C, Amiga 1000, Amiga 500, Amiga 1200

Yup. CKE on Drupal 7.8  Its

Yup. CKE on Drupal 7.8  Its wedged with IMCE for inline image upload, flash embed module, lightbox and some others.  Most of the time the stock sort of works but you end up looking for a module that makes it work better.  A good example is teh forums, the only way I could get them to work was by loading the Advanced Forums module.  I run the site as a virtual machine so in theory I can snapshot it before applying a dangerous patch (if I am not too lazy or overconfident).
Let me know how it works for you, most peopel I think use a Wordpress app but I just kind of fell into Drupal.  My WP blog is at bilherd.mercury-cg.com but it looks like WP and I actually have more than a couple of evenings in making it as good as it was for now.

Looking forward to some

Looking forward to some interesting discussions and lots of old stories!
When I show the general forum I see the message "You are not allowed to post new content in this forum."  Is this normal or do I need to do something special?
PS: I'd love to hear about the "D128" and more about the LCD machine.


Ack, I will check the

Ack, I will check the permissions problem on the posting, the forums are a little black boxy for my taste,  What was to be yet another D128 turned into the C128 cause I bitched that not doing something compatible with the C64 was  kind of stupid.

Nice site

Your site is nice Mr. Herd.
I myself am currently working in the electronics field for a small company.
I find analog electronics more interresting then Digital electronics but Digital is easier to understand, your video with Jeri Ellsworth about PLL's was very informative.
It made me redesign something i had designed previously, So i could reduce the sample rate because it just became sync with the rest of the system.

PLL and clocking

Hi Marcel,
What you are describing sounds like the strengths of synchonus clocking/sampling vs the need to oversample.  The Nyquiest Criteria pretty much states that you need to sample a 2X the highest frequency of what you are sampling and 4X is common to make for better results.
Can you post something showing your design or email me at bherd_at_c128.com ?
Welcome to C128.com!

Tinkering on A500's

Best example i can give for the time, i actually did for fun and educational purpose was a expansion on a A500.
Initialy i had two crystals my boss told me it was stupid to do it in such manner.
So i grudgingly accepted a programmable PLL, hindsight i can agree about that now.
that wasn't the end of my fun i needed the edges to coinside too or else i would lose clocks on clock skew.
Off-topic other thing i did on that machine was replacing the old resistors and capsitors in the audio circuit to use metal film resistors, that made a big difference in the audio department. ;)

Every wonder whats up with

Every wonder whats up with the top navigation on the website?  Suddenly filled with Forum topics of all things?  Well something in the Drupel cron job feels the need to create a top level link for the top level forum topics.  Sadley there is no way way to fix this in hardware.

Would it be troublesome if

Would it be troublesome if the forums had posts sorted in newest first?
merry christmas :-)

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