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C128 ROM Mod.
Hello fellow Commodore enthusiasts.. Many years ago ,as a personal preference, and to aid screen text readability, I was able to locate my C64 ROM locations for screen, border, and text color, and change them. Burn the modded code to eprom and now have dark blue border, black background ,and gray text on bootup. I find it much easier to read when entering text. Using this information I was able to do the same with my 128s 64 ROM. Now in 64 mode, I have the same modded screen. However , I can't seem to put my finger on the location in the 128 ROM to do the same with it. I have the disassembly for the ROMs in the 128, but cannot find the specific address for the screen ,text and border init colors. Can someone much wiser point me in the right direction ??? Thanks for your time.....
The code when in the 128s

The code when in the 128s memory space is at E16E
LDX #$30
STA $D000,X

To which E2C7 contains what the startup VIC settings, to which E2E7-8 contains 0D 0B

Where that is relative to the ROM file no idea.

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