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C128 powers on but nothing on screen
Maybe Bil can answer this one? I was told he's pretty good. I have 3 of these computers all with the same problem. They all turn on with red lights but nothing on the screen. If you turn up the brightness, you can see faint vertical lines. Switching on and off, you can hear the usual pop through the speakers. Keep in mind, I've connected through 2 different 1702s both working, connected through a tv using rf on a switch box. Used different cables, different power supplies. I've been reading about the different power supplies made for these. I have 3 of the 4.5v and 1 2.5v. I noticed the 2.5s are from Germany and the 4.5s are Japan. I removed the SID on one of them and that changed nothing. I took one of them and removed all socket chips and reseated them. Still nothing. What should I do? I've never had this problem before.
First step - make sure you
First step - make sure you don't have the 40/80 button set to 80 Second Step - what happens is you hold down C= key Third Step - try a C64 cart as well Fourth - Do a blind load, put a disk in, wait a bit then just type load"*",8,1, does it load
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