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C128 ONLY assembly monitor
I have a C128 thats my first commodore computer and I am trying to revive it. after pulling all the chips and reseating them, the machine displays some black and white checkers then boots into the assembly monitor. I have replaced the 318018-02 chip (as per a troubleshooting guide) and it did not solve the problem. I could not find a solution so I am hoping this forum can help me. I've also pulled the other ROM chips and with u32 and u33 removed I get the same result so I feel that the problem may be that they aren't getting power or have bad sockets. The power supply has been tested and is functional.
Re: C128 ONLY assembly monitor

Tell Ray Carlsen, master C= repair technician, about your computer problems. He can advise you and even repair the computer for you, if you wish. Contact him at rcarlsen(at)tds.net

Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group

Its been a long time but I
Its been a long time but I would bet there are a lot of ways to crash into ROMMON, so maybe things like DRAM can'r be ruled out. Do you have any test equipment such as a scope or have you seen plugins like NOP generator or other diagnostic cartridges that try and test the system without relying on RAM/ROM?
Sadly no I do not have any
Sadly no I do not have any diagnostic equipment other than a multimeter. I may give Ray a try
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