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C-64 Power Supply ?
The Commodore community has a problem with power supplies for North American C-64s. There was a video about a year back showing a unit the Jim Brain (and Bil Herd ?) were working on. Has that project died? I know Ray Carlsen makes good PSUs, but is he the only source these days? There are "new" PSUs on ebay that just should not be used. I see to many fried 64s thanks to people who shouldn't, try to make one from wall warts (usually just wiring something backwards). Any one know of any help on the horizon?
I am working on a power
I am working on a power supply similar to Jim's idea but more universal (capable of powering about anything from the Kim-1 up to the Amiga with external power bricks). Bil Herd gave me a few good hints on the 9v generator. I have a working prototype and I am trying to figure out a good source for the custom transformer needed for it. Until i have figured out the transformer, the project is kinda stalled. So right now i don't have any idea when it will be finished.
Glad to hear about this. I
Glad to hear about this. I hope all goes well.
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