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C-128DCR RGB Display

Every so often, I do a massive cleanup of my offices and shop, disposing of old computer hardware that no longer is of value. Anyone up for a 486DX motherboard? Just kidding!

Anyhow, on the shelf with all the stuff that is being discarded is a C-128DCR and a Lt. Kernal disk subsystem to go with it, a system on which I was going to do some database development work. That work was set aside some six years ago when a little medical problem nearly took me out—but failed. I had been meaning to get back to it but until recently never seemed to find the time to do so.

Anyhow, I decided to set up the 128 and see if it would power up. While the 128 did power and apparently boot—the floppy drive did its seek—there was no video on the RGB side (I don't care about the composite output and don't even have a cable with which to connect it). I ran some hardware checks with my logic probe and scope and have concluded the 128 is producing RGB video. That points the finger at the monitor, which is no surprise.

I have no interest in trying to revive the C= monitor—it's already in the hands of the recycle folks, and instead would like to be able to hook up one of the 17 inch VGA monitors I have in storage to the 128. I recall that at one time someone was going to have an RGBI to VGA adapter out "real soon now" but don't recall ever seeing any hardware. Has such a device ever been made?

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