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Any memorable blue smoke moments at Commodore?

Were there any memorable blue smoke moments at Commodore? Was there anybody who would earn a blue smoke badge award for making electronic mistakes?
For those who might not understand, sometimes chips burn up because too much voltage or the wrong voltage is applied through wiring components up the wrong way.  Some people celebrate it and others might not.

The biggest one was at the 84

The biggest one was at the 84 Chicago (summer) CES when the booth filled with smoke.  The ls241 that the disk guys had used for their serial bus drivers had burnt at a very high temperature.  I suspect that they didn't really give enough time for one direction to turn off before turning on the other, I.E. they ran a direction line directly to the enables; one invertin, one non-inverting.  Then when the enable changed state the drivers in one direction would start to turn off while the otehrs turned on.  The problem is that chips come out of Hi-Z faster than they go into it, and tehre is contention time... not just contention but against gates in the same package.
Yeah we didnt let Greggy forget that...

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