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analog FPGA like device.

there is so much emphisis on digital devices, so I am compelled to ask why is there not a programable alalog device on the market? after all slew rate beats clock rate everyday 

There have been Analog

There have been Analog programmable devices, the first challenge is that the programmable mechanisms do not affect the quality of the analog signal.  I think another issue would be that analog isn't as multi-purpose as digital, and also  analog accumulates noise in general the more operations that are done. So typically an analog signal is first converted to digital and then lots of operations can be done withoue degrading the signal, and then the signal can even be converted back to analog.
There are also hybids that have some digital and some analog, but again they may be constrained to a specific technology like disk drives or telco where the parameters of the signals may be consistant enough to be applicable from chip to chip.

Ask and you shall receive

Ask and you shall receive:
Field Programmable Analog Arrays. Analog equivalent of FPGAs.

I've read about several not

I've read about several not so small start up companies that have invested heavily in FPAA manufacturing that have gone under over the past ten years or so - as I understand it, they are simply expensive with not much of a market. Basically I think for a lot of practical applications it's cheaper to "emulate analogue" digitally with a clever bit of math and a cup of coffee these days than it is to create the equivalent analogue array.


I think it was Alcatel that

I think it was Alcatel that had some analog with anti-fuses back in the day.  If you are already doing analog next to your module having some components in the uProc and some on the external board doesn't sound like a reason to get a PSOC with the exception of maybe being comfortable with the SAR AD and the differential driver for it.
How ever if the little bit of circuitry keeps you from adding any circuitry at all, I.E. the reset, low power, etc is done in the PSOC meaning that the only thing missing is a power supply, then it sounds kinda cool.

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