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Alternate Timelines: The C128 and Jack Tremiel

Everyone remembers Back To The Future Part II, right?  Remember Doc Brown explaining the alternate 1985 to Marty?  Maybe, just maybe we're living in an alternate timeline where Woz steals a time machine in a future where Commodore, and not Apple, is king, goes back to 1985 and maneuvers events with the top brass at Commodore to make Jack Tramiel quit and thus leaving Commodore in the hands of the people who work out its demise.  That means:  WE are living in that evil alternate timeline today!!!

Ok, let's say we figure out the exact time that Woz hops into the time machine and we prevent it, thus restoring the true timeline where Commodore Business Machines is king in 2019.  We would have seen the $50 Commodore 116 successfully competing against the other elcheap-o computers, the Commodore LCD becomes all the rage and spearheads portable computing, and Bil Herd continues with Commodore, helping to brainstorm some more amazing machines down to this day, perhaps creating items even more amazing  than iPhones, iPads, tablets, etc.  In this world, Microsoft did not bail out Apple bankruptcy in 1997.

QUESTIONS:  In this world, would the Commodore 128 have come to birth with Tramiel at the helm?  Would Amiga be owned by Atari? or Would Amiga be its own entity?  What would the 1980s and 1990s look like in a Tramiel-led Commodore?

JT abd Apple

I think that the guys at apple probably felt the same way we did which is that we were working for the best computer company in the world.


You reminded me of a picture from the C64 anniversery, look who I am talking to and then look who is beside him:



That's a cool pic!

That's a cool pic!

Re: That's a cool pic!

Thanks! Too bad I have that red-eye on Steve. :)

Robert Bernardo
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Hahahaahaha!!  That's AWESOME

Hahahaahaha!!  That's AWESOME!
Hmmm maybe that picture confirms my theory!  Ths may mean that Woz hasn't yet stolen the time machine and there's still time to go back and save Commodore!  I will take this very picture back with me to see if my mission is successful!  :P
Thanks for that!
But seriously, do you think Jack would have let you create the C128 had he remained at the helm?  What were the chances? *and* Do you think Commodore under Jack would have purchased and went ahead with Amiga?

No we would have finished

No we would have finished doing the LCD machine.  (We even owned an LCD plant).

The LCD would have been an

The LCD would have been an AWESOME machine to have, but at the same time, I wouldn't have had my C128.
Your experience with creating the C128 has put you through several unreal challenges.  I know it wreaked havoc on the lives of you and your fellow engineers at Commodore.  You have commented in several videos how you are a recovering Commodore engineer.  Do you feel that your work on the Commodore 128 has made you a better engineer than if, say, history was different--Jack continued as boss--and you completed the LCD and it went to production?

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