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Walt Mossberg signs 'out' - CNET

CNET News - Thu, 2017-05-25 20:58
The legendary tech journalist is retiring. He wrote his last column on Thursday.

New hack threat may be hiding in your movie's subtitles - CNET

CNET News - Thu, 2017-05-25 20:47
Malicious code inserted into subtitle files downloaded from movie subtitle databases could be used to hijack your device, researchers warn.

More Than Half of Streaming Users In US Are Sharing Their Passwords, Says Report

SlashDot - Thu, 2017-05-25 20:45
A new study conducted by Fluent shows a majority of Americans are sharing passwords to their streaming video services. While millennials lead the pack, non-millennials are doing the same. Streaming Observer reports: Nearly 3 out of every 4 (72% exactly) Americans who have cable also have access to at least one streaming service and 8% of cable subscribers plan to eliminate their service in the next year. But that doesn't necessarily mean they're paying for their streaming service. New numbers from a study conducted by Fluent show that the majority of Americans are sharing passwords to their streaming video services. Well over half of millennials (aged 18-34) -- 60% -- are either using someone someone else's password or giving their password to someone else. And just under half -- 48% -- of non-millennials are doing the same. The study also revealed that the main factor in what drives consumers to sign up for streaming video services is price, with 34% of Americans saying that low cost was the primary factor. That number jumps to 38% among millennials. When you take in to account that some streaming TV services start with prices as low as $20, it makes sense that price is the biggest issue. Convenience was the next biggest factor, coming in at just below 25%.

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Keybase brings seamless encrypted chats to anyone on the web

Engadget - Thu, 2017-05-25 20:31
Keybase is on a mission to make end-to-end encryption as easy as possible, everywhere you go online. After launching frictionless encrypted file sharing last year, the open-source security company rolled out Keybase Chat, a desktop and mobile chat ap...

Facebook's Instant Articles Platform To Support Google AMP, Apple News

SlashDot - Thu, 2017-05-25 20:05
An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch: One of the problems publishers face today in making their content more readable on mobile devices is that there are multiple, competing formats available for this purpose. Facebook has Instant Articles, Google is spearheading the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project, and the Apple News Format optimizes content for iOS devices. Facebook is today taking a crack at a solution to this problem by rolling out support for both AMP and soon Apple News as a part of its open source Instant Articles software development kit. The updated SDK will now include an extension that lets publishers build content that's publishable in all three formats, beginning with support for Google's AMP in addition to Facebook's own Instant Articles. In the weeks ahead it will also include support for publishing to Apple News, though the company didn't provide an exact launch date for when that feature would be added.

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Amazon opens its first drive-through grocery store

Engadget - Thu, 2017-05-25 19:52
Need to pick up some supplies but can't be bothered to walk across a parking lot for them? Amazon's got you covered. In Seattle on Thursday, the company opened a grocery store that doesn't require you leave your vehicle, promising customers will only...

Samsung Shows Off Stretchable Display Prototype

PCMag News - Thu, 2017-05-25 19:21
If it ever goes into production, a stretchable display could be a practical addition to smartwatches and fitness trackers.

Devuan Jessie 1.0 Officially Released

SlashDot - Thu, 2017-05-25 19:20
prisoninmate quotes a report from Softpedia: Announced for the first time back in November 2014, Devuan is a Debian fork that doesn't use systemd as init system. It took more than two and a half years for it to reach 1.0 milestone, but the wait is now over and Devuan 1.0.0 stable release is here. Based on the packages and software repositories of the Debian GNU/Linux 8 "Jessie" operating system, Devuan 1.0.0 "Jessie" is now considered the first stable version of the GNU/Linux distribution, which stays true to its vision of developing a free Debian OS without systemd. This release is recommended for production use. As Devuan 1.0.0 doesn't ship with systemd, several adjustments needed to be made. For example, the distro uses a systemd-free version of the NetworkManager network connection manager and includes several extra libsystemd0-free packages in its repository.

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Apple reveals belief in reincarnation - CNET

CNET News - Thu, 2017-05-25 19:14
Commentary: Are they strange at Apple? Depends on your perspective on the company's latest ad.

'Jetsons' movie set for launch with 'Sausage Party' director - CNET

CNET News - Thu, 2017-05-25 19:13
George, Jane, Judy, Elroy, Astro and Rosie will rocket onto the silver screen.

Feast your eyes on this 600-DPI e-paper screen

TechCrunch - Thu, 2017-05-25 19:12
 I have to say, I really like e-paper. And it’s come a long way since the crude early Kindles — nowadays you have e-readers that are as high-resolution as the best phones and iPads. And they’re set to get even better if E-Ink’s latest screens make it into a few products, as I hope they do. Read More

Samsung doesn't think you can trick its iris scanner that easily - CNET

CNET News - Thu, 2017-05-25 19:09
After a video surfaced of hackers fooling a Galaxy S8 iris scanner, Samsung was quick to defend its technology.

Popular iOS notes app Bear adds sketching (and stickers)

Engadget - Thu, 2017-05-25 18:43
Bear, a fast, lightweight and lovely note-taking app for iOS and the Mac, has been building a following over the past year or so. The app's excellent design, small but essential feature set and steady stream of updates have made it worth its subscrip...

Proposed Active-Defense Bill Would Allow Destruction of Data, Use of Beacon Tech

SlashDot - Thu, 2017-05-25 18:40
Trailrunner7 quotes a report from On the Wire: A bill that would allow victims of cybercrime to use active defense techniques to stop attacks and identify attackers has been amended to require victims to notify the FBI of their actions and also add an exemption to allow victims to destroy their data once they locate it on an attacker's machine. The Active Cyber Defense Certainty Act, drafted by Rep. Tom Graves (R-Ga.) in March, is designed to enable people who have been targets of cybercrime to employ certain specific techniques to trace the attack and identify the attacker. The bill defines active cyber defense as "any measure -- (I) undertaken by, or at the direction of, a victim"; and "(II) consisting of accessing without authorization the computer of the attacker to the victim" own network to gather information in order to establish attribution of criminal activity to share with law enforcement or to disrupt continued unauthorized activity against the victim's own network." After releasing an initial draft of the bill in March, Rep. Tom Graves held a public event in Georgia to collect feedback on the legislation. Based on that event and other feedback, Graves made several changes to the bill, including the addition of the notification of law enforcement and an exception in the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for victims who use so-called beaconing technology to identify an attacker. "The provisions of this section shall not apply with respect to the use of attributional technology in regard to a defender who uses a program, code, or command for attributional purposes that beacons or returns locational or attributional data in response to a cyber intrusion in order to identify the source of the intrusion," the bill says.

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These flat-pack turtlebots will crawl across minefields for safety’s sake

TechCrunch - Thu, 2017-05-25 18:33
 The threat of minefields is an ongoing and horrifying one, and the duty of clearing them is as difficult as it is dangerous. All the more reason, then, that it should be done by robots! A new type of inexpensive, versatile bot modeled after turtles could be a great tool for this and other jobs. Read More

Mark Zuckerberg speech trolled by Harvard newspaper sabotage - CNET

CNET News - Thu, 2017-05-25 18:15
The Harvard Crimson found itself altered Thursday, with Photoshopped images and weird headlines about its commencement speaker "Mork Zinkletink".

Tesla’s Model 3 budget EV can do 0 to 60 in 5.6 seconds

Engadget - Thu, 2017-05-25 18:11
Some of the performance details of Tesla's Model 3, which is set to begin production in July, were leaked today by insiders at the Tesla Model 3 Owners Club. An infographic comparing the new, $35,000 model with the fancier and more powerful Model S r...

All the movies and TV shows hitting Amazon Prime in June 2017 - CNET

CNET News - Thu, 2017-05-25 18:04
"Star Trek Beyond" and "Gone Baby Gone" are two of the major titles coming to Amazon Prime.

T-Mobile's 'Digits' Program Revamps the Phone Number

SlashDot - Thu, 2017-05-25 18:00
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: T-Mobile has announced the launch of its "Digits" program, coming May 31. Digits is a revamp of how T-Mobile phone numbers work, virtualizing customer numbers so they can work across multiple devices. It sounds a lot like Google Voice -- rather than having a phone number tied to a single SIM card or a device, numbers are now account-based, and you can "log in" to your phone number on several devices. T-Mobile says the new phone number system will work "across virtually all connected devices," allowing multiple phones, tablets, and PCs to get texts and calls. This means T-Mobile needs apps across all those platforms, with the press release citing "native seamless integration" in Samsung Android phones, Android and iOS apps, and a browser interface for PCs. The new phone number system is free to all T-Mobile customers. Customers can also buy an extra phone number for $10 or by signing up to the $5-per-month "T-Mobile One Plus" package, which is a bundle of extra features like a mobile hotspot and in-flight Wi-Fi.

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The Wirecutter's best deals: Save $60 on a PlayStation VR

Engadget - Thu, 2017-05-25 17:45
This post was done in partnership with The Wirecutter, a buyer's guide to the best technology. When readers choose to buy The Wirecutter's independently chosen editorial picks, they may earn affiliate commissions that support their work. Read their c...